What Is Friend?

a friend is someone who says ‘hello’ when you pass them in the hallway but A best friend is someone who screams ” I LOVE YOU” from across the hallway. Is someone that is happy to accept that i am who i am, i am very much like mar-mite, you either like me or you don’t – i am a great friend or your worst enemy – the choice is yours :). Hate me or love me it won’t hurt my feelings at all, i don’t collect friends but i keeps those friend who are precious in my heart and those friends that are worth it keeping. I let go of those who are just a waste of my friendship, because those kind of people are mostly likely the gossipers. Sometimes i think I’m wasting my time being nice to people who don’t give a damn about me…. I learned so much about friendship that’s why i don’t have many because i pick who i want to be friends with. You gotta be careful on who you trust now a days because some of them can have venom with them hahahhaha.

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