Sometimes Their Head Is Just To Big

…. that they think they can just ignore you for a day and expect you to be nice the next day. This happened to me the other day and golly i hated it. So i told my friend that things will be different now, i don’t like those kind of people with big ego and head and thinks that they are so important to me, and would just treat me like crap sometimes when they want to. Real friend is always nice no matter what the circumstances is but i guess sometimes people just want to be mean. There’s is a saying “True friends aren’t perfect. They make mistakes. They may hurt you. They may make you mad or annoyed. But when you need them, they’re there in a heartbeat.” I agreed to this in some way at the same time disagreed, because not all friend will be there for you when you need them. There are people who will be there because they want something from you..

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