You Can Never Hide

Last night i was looking at my phone & found the answer of my question about the anonymous caller that called me about a year ago. First they hide their number but then as they dialed my number again they forgot to hide their number. So i have it save in my phone, so last night i know exactly who it was. This caller called my phone & told me that she knew my husband cause they went meet at the bar. Find out it’s just a jealous insecure woman who can’t stand their own life. Well i guess now you are totally busted huh.. She talk to my husband and told him that they met at the local bar and then on the day that they told us that they meet it was the day that me and my husband went our for a dinner date in our local restaurant.

It’s weird because there are only few women that knew my numbers and those are people who i knew around here. So my advice is, be happy with your life don’t bother trying other people marriage miserable like yours because it’s not working at all lady. I won’t mention the name cause these two ladies knows who they are… I think they must have in their little brain that i am stupid enough not to save the number after one accident they made. Next time make sure that when you called you dial *67 first before dialing my number. If you can’t accept the fact that i am happy then leave me alone that’s simple and easy muahhhhhhhhh. Check check check…… My phone is so smart that it shows me what i want to see hahahahhahahha. Gotta love being me, i may look stupid outside but deep inside my brain is working as hard as you can think.

That’s why i don’t have too many friends because you can trust you friends at all. They may call you their friend but that’s because they want to just gossip and get in to your business. Miserable people always do whatever to make other people feel like what they are feeling.

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