They Judge Me Cause I’m Busy

The people that i used to hangout has been wondering why I am not hanging out with them anymore. Just because I’m busy doesn’t mean they have the right to judge about what is going on with me. I think they are just insecure because i deal with their bs and drama anymore. I managed to ignore most of them now since my family is more important that they are. I can always find new friends one day but the family i can’t. And i find it funny how i always get this kind of questions: 1. Do you still go shopping? 2. Do you go out for fun? I do go shopping, do party but i rarely do it because i have important things to do in my life. I’d rather spend time with my family than go shopping, I’d rather be home & do fun with my kids & husband rather than going party. To make it short life is not about how much you can shop & how much party we can do. It’s about how much time you spend with your family, the memories that you and your family is created.

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