Strong People

…… make as many mistakes as weak people. Difference is that strong people admit their mistakes, laugh at them and learn from them. Sometimes people just don’t know how to admit their mistakes, it can be frustrating sometimes… However, that doesn’t help anything in the future at all. I think admitting the mistake and learning from it is a wonderful idea. Because i believed that in order to move on in life and be happy. You must forgive everything in your past, learn from it and if you did made a mistake admit it…

Every person in your life is a gift no matter how bad some may have hurt you. They just bestowed more wisdom to you with the pain they gave. The more pain you feel the stronger you get, i don’t know that just how i think because i have been through so much pain in my life and because of that i become the person i am. Looking back from the past i just smiled at it, and told myself that there’s always happiness waiting for those who have patience and strong. Never give up on anything no matter what, you know don’t know tomorrow might be better than today.

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