are not about… whom you have known the longest… who came first… or who cares the best… it’s all about- who came and never Left. The best part about becoming me again . . . is when building the puzzle, you can throw out the pieces you don’t want and find the pieces that fit perfectly! I am happy to found the perfect piece in my life. I could not ask anything int his world because i have everything that a woman would want. I am content on what is given to me, with all the love and happiness that i received it makes me the richest and luckiest woman int he world. I love the pieces that i found to make my life brand new. I have the perfect fit and i am proud of it.

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  1. i hope they get some place warm too… so i can visit for a few years ūüėČ doing very well here. i'm looking forward to seeing your wedding photos. i love wedding photos the best ūüôā i'm sure your special day was amazing. you guys sound and look so happy ūüôā many blessings to you all

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