Is About To Cook

… something for my husband and kids for them to eat while i am at work. This past few month i have been doing a lot of cooking each Sunday for me to avoid cooking everyday. I keep enough that will last us for a week, my husband loves my idea because it does save him a lot of time. Instead of cooking everyday all we have to do is heat up the food. Thank God for the person that invented the freezer you know. Today i am not really sure what to cook but i have some meat thawed out already. I have few turkey wings that i am planning on making in few minutes then problem just split them up for everyday. Cooking is one that i enjoy doing so much, i’d rather do a lot of cooking than go shopping. Well it’s depends on what kind of things do i shop though hahahhahaha. If i am shopping for things that i need for kitchen then yes i love shopping. Take care now and enjoy.

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