I Love You By Kandyce N. Summers

This poem is so perfect for me and my husband. This is exactly how feel to each other. Everyday i love him more and more and so thankful that God has given me such a wonderful husband.

I Love You
With my every breath,
With all I have left,
From the deepest depths,
Of my heart, I love you.
With all of my strength,
With ten miles’ length,
Every thought I think,
I think that I love you.
For the length of forever,
As long as we’re together,
Through good and bad weather,
For always, I love you

Until the very end of days,
Until God takes my breath away,
Until death separates our ways,
Until then, I love you.
When no one is there,
When you think no one cares,
When love seems too rare,
Remember, I love you.
When everything’s gone,
When all has withdrawn,
When hopelessness dawns,
Don’t forget, I love you.
When you fall down,
When your dreams come unwound,

When hope can’t be found,
Be happy, I love you.
When you make mistakes,
When you’re filled with hate,
When you’re old and gray,
Even then, I’ll love you.

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