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My husband told me the other day that one day he would like to own something like 4wheeler, dirt bike or atv. I know it’s fun to have one or the dirt bike because there are couple places here that we can go you know. A friend of mine they have atv and she said that it’s really fun to use on riding around for fun you know. Maybe on Christmas Santa Claus will but it for us hahahhahahah. That would be the time that we will be at some place most of the weekend. We have a little 4wheeler here at home but it’s only for the kids use you know. There are couples of the atv that i have seen lately that are for sale but the prices are just too high for me at this time. Maybe one day when i win the lottery i will be able to buy it hahahhahah. That’s all for now and have a great night to you all.

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