Oh yeah i am thinking hard here… Are you thinking what I’m thinking that I think Ur thinking I’m thinking because if you think that i think what I think I’m thinking then we got a problem! ;). Hahhahhahahha i am a bit bored here just looking at the computer. However i am glad that i am able to do some updates here in my blog. While sitting here in my chair it came up in my mind that sometimes it’s funny that when people hear something about your that their not sure of, they don’t ask you instead they just tell someone else. Hoping that you won’t hear from it at all by telling it to other person. Life is funny sometimes but i think that’s part of it, there is always that want to talk about other person no matter what. Anyway, when i am not doing anything at all i hate it because it makes me thinking something that will just upset me hahahhahahha.

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