Surely Don’t Get It

….what is the point in lying it doesn’t get you no where in life, its better to tell the truth, because in the end the truth will come out and make things worse. I don’t know why someone would do anything to lie and make up story just to make the other person fall in-love to them. I think that is kinda cheating to somebody’s heart, knowing that in the end you will get hurt knowing the truth. In our life there are two sides to every story and if you are not willing to listen to both sides don’t be so quick to make your judgment on what you have heard. Just because you heard something from this person doesn’t mean that the other person is bad. Because you might be very surprised on what’s really behind the scene you know. Not because he/she is a good looking person you will just listen and believed everything that comes out at his/her mouth.

The more person tells you about the others it should makes you curious about what is really happened. It’s so funny when adults try to play pretend, when everyone knows the truth! You’re just making yourself look like an idiot. Grow up, face reality & quit lying, do something for yourself before you get busted really good. Lie won’t give you a good future in life, and i am sure it’s difficult to remember every lies that you have told to the person. I think a calendar will help but still you will be a broken heart at the end. Laugh as much as you can while lies are still working because it won’t be long and the truth will come out. Stop pretending to someone who you really are not, be yourself, respect and be honest to yourself before you can have a succesfull relationship.

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