It’s Raining Here Already

There is a storm coming to Alabama tonight until tomorrow. So we are in the watch of tornado but i am hoping that it won’t come this way though. It’s supposed to rain hard then we will get some big hail. Hail is kinda scary because it can hurt your car or hurt people if it’s huge. At the studio we unplug all our computers just encase for some bad lightning and thunderstorm. It’s good to be safe than sorry later you know, later on we have to unplug few things in our house as well. My laptop i have to charge it so when the power is out we can use it. I have candles ready because we really can’t predict what’s the weather gonna be like later. The rain right now is not hard so i am hoping that it will stay like this. Just to be honest i am scared driving on the rain, it always terrified me. Anyway, you all have a wonderful night.

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