Tinulang Isda (Fish Soup)

Last month when i went to the Filipino store i bought a lot of fish. Today i was in the mood for some fish soup, since i have all the ingredients that i need. I thawed out three fish earlier then when i came back home from Valley Head and from buying some stuff for dinner, i right away fixed everything so at 5 0’clock we had our dinner. One of my friend left early since she forgot to leave the keys of her other car to her husband. Her husband have to go somewhere to measure a house for their cabinets and he can’t leave unless he have the keys. We almost eat all the fish, my husband wanted to eat some but it’s too much work since the fish has bones. Not like that fish that we have here in US that are fillet you know. Anyway, that’s all for now and you all have a wonderful night, thanks for stopping by here in my blog.

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