Is Chatting With My Sister

Since i came home today i have been chatting with my sister. She will be here next week and i want to make sure that she have everything that she needs. I know she is a brave woman but i am just worried since she will be traveling with two kids. This is going to be their first time to travel this far, i know they all have been to Manila back and fort but traveling far is different. I am hoping that everything is going to be alright. I told my sister to prepare all the documents that she needs to give to the immigration on her port of Entry. Then give the kids their own back pack that way it’s easier for her. The kids can carry their own food as long as it’s back pack. My husband told me that i worry too much, we i can’t help it i love my and the two kids and i want them to be aware of things you know. Anyway, i cannot wait to see them all next week.

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