Funny Story

Few weeks ago when i went to a birthday at one of my friends house. Some of the people that i know are their as well. As we all know that on each party ladies are always to be together and talk about so many things . Well a friend of mine told us about their plan going to a vacation, however she told her husband that there are don’t and do that he needs to sign. Her husband reply i will sign on all the do but i won’t sign on the don’t without knowing what they are. My friend told her husband that about the don’t and one of them is that he can’t bring any of his Viagra pills. Her husband told her a big no and we just laughed while she was telling as the story. I thought it was funny for her to joke like that to her husband. I even told her maybe having some extenze is much better, i know it’s a little bit different from the Viagra. Oh we just laughed and laughed until out stomachs hurts. I guess if i will do my husband like that with don’t agreements i will be sleeping outside the house hahhhahaha.

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