Love Being A Photographer

I took this pictures of me last week, was bored and i don’t have other things to do other than taking pictures of my face holding the camera hahahhahaha. Being a photographer is surely a dream come true for me, my life is very exciting fun and full of love and happiness. On some other people each time i use the “dream come true” they thought that it’s the only reason why i’m with my husband. Well when you dream something and it did come true you always take or say it dream come true. I think their head is just shallow and cannot understand a simple phrase. Anyway, i am so glad that my husband taught me on how to be a great photographer. I learned so much about it, everyday i learn different technique on how to be a photographer. I am looking for more work that we about to do this year. I think we are doing wonderful with our work and we are very happy with it.

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