I Have No Idea What To Cook Tonight

Well it’s not that we don’t have meat or choices, we do but i am not sure what my crew will want to eat for dinner you know. I have some chicken that i can make tonight, Lexi loves eating chicken. If you put two kind of meal in-front of her and one of them is chicken she will pick the chicken. That’s how she love her chicken hahahhahahhaha, i guess tonight we will have some soup or something. We still have some left overs though, we might end-up eating those before they get bad. My crew are not picky on what they eat so that is a good thing right? Sometimes i am the one that is a little bit picky ahhahahhahah but hey i am the cook though. Just kidding, i eat whatever we have in our house, if we have a lot of left overs we always make sure that it’s eaten before cooking another meal. Saving some food and money is a good thing and loving it.

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