Was Eating Left Overs

Tonight we ate some of our left overs, that was our last part of left. So tomorrow i have to cook another meal that will last us for few days. Gotta love left over it sure does saved us a lot of time cooking. Its not that i hate cooking but when we are really busy left overs is awesome plus my husband doesn’t mind about it all. Some of the left overs i put inside the freezer, that way it won’t get bad. A friend of mine that came to visit us today, i asked her if her husband do eat left overs and she said he does. So i told her that’s very good, because we just can’t waste food you know. She is a great cook as well, i told her i want to try some of sweet and sour. I haven’t cook sweet sour and probably will try it. Anyway, take care and you all enjoy.

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