Tonight We Are Going To Have

My homemade beans, i just put some hotdog and spice to make it taste good. Hubby just had a small bowl of the beans and he said it’s delicious. In awhile i will get me some, of course i cannot wait to taste my beans. I am so proud of myself that i am learning a lot of southern food. Yeah got to learn that since i am here in the South. My daughter she loves beans and i am hoping one of this day when i go to grocery store i won’t forget buying tomato paste. I want to make something special for my dear daughter. She likes to eat a lot so i want to make something that she will enjoy that will last for a day. Oh my gosh she can eat 7 times a day if i will let her, it’s so cute tho. She is the sweetest one ever, anyway hope you all enjoy your dinner tonight and you all have a great night.

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