My Stomach Is Not Good

I don’t know what i ate but it sure upset my stomach, i did not eat too much last night because i was trying to avoid an upset stomach. However this morning i started feeling bad in my stomach. I am hoping it’s because of the bread, this bread is a bit oily but not bad tho. Well i will just eat something later that will make my tummy feel better. Probably drink some hot green tea and then toast some bread with peanut butter honey. Oh yeah the peanut butter honey is so so so good, i started to eat a lot since my husband loves it. I used to just buy the regular peanut butter, but when we went together to the grocery store my husband told me that the peanut butter with honey is really good. I feel so tired and lazy right now, i feel like i am so ready to just crush in bed and take a nap hehehhehe. Take care and have fun everyone.

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