Pizza Rolls, Fish Sticks & Chicken Nuggets

Last night we all have Pizza Rolls, Fish Sticks and Chicken Nuggets. Those three are Lexi’s favorite, so I thought I will give her a nice treat that we all going to enjoy. When she saw me with all the food she thought it was all for her but I told her that it’s for everybody. I tell you she can eat a lot and it’s fun watching her eat because sometimes she eats like there’s no tomorrow or she have not had food in few days hehehehhehe. Me and my husband asked her where did she put all these food that she ate and she said it’s in my stomach.

Tonight I will make a special dinner for the two of my sweetheart. I love cooking for them because I know they always love it. Lexi has been eating deer meat and last night she requested some deer meat for dinner. I promise her that I will make some delicious dinner tonight. So I am sure she is pretty excited about it. Love making this little girl happy, she is growing up so fast and I am taking advantage each moment I have with her while she’s still little. Her being a baby girl only happened once and then she will be a growing up woman, (which I’m not looking forward). She is the most adoring, loving, sweet little girl.. Anyway, if you asked her what is her favorite food to eat she will tell you the food I have said above.

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  1. oh deer is nice. my husband just just got an elk a few months ago and we have been eating that.. so good. my middle child was like ur daughter she ate and ate… where does it go? she is now 5'7″ and 110 and STILL eats like that????
    the flowers were for valentine's day not my bday which is in july 🙂 i was to lazy to write out valentine's 😉 but thank you in advance :)!

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