She Is Growing

My goodness talking about eating a lot….. I am very surprised on how much my daughter can eat now. Last night she ate 7 times, oh yeah she did….. Even though I told her that she can’t have too much food because it will upset her stomach she still asked for food so I went ahead and gave her cause I don’t want her to be hungry you know. I told my husband about it and he just said gosh she is growing. Oh yeah she is growing alright, I don’t like her to grow you know but I know one day soon she will be a growing up woman. I am not excited about that because I love her being little girl.

Anyway, we already ate at the Chinese Buffet, after we came home. Her and her daddy went outside and play with the 4wheeler. She told her dad that she is going another loop because she is ready to eat dinner. They came in the house and said what’s for dinner, I told her that she just ate. Oh my gosh this reminds me when I was this age, I just keep eating and eating ahhahahahha. I think Lexi is growing and we all enjoy it because I know she is experiencing the state where all she want is eat and eat. Anyway, that’s all I can share right now, take care and you all enjoy.

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