What A Great Husband

The other night we are not really that busy so I had time to be with my husband while he was taking pictures of the Crossville basketball game. Since this time we only have one car, I thought I’d just finish the game and let my husband go home riding his motorcycle to avoid the rain and so he won’t get really cold. So he told me that he will be making the dinner and I just told him what was thawed out. I tell you my husband can cook, he can cook anything and taste like the food you get from the restaurant.

So I finished at around 9:30 pm and I told him that I am on my way home. When I arrived home as I stepped into the door I can already smell the food and I was really excited to taste because I know it is delicious. I am very thankful to have a husband like him his everything that I ever wanted. Very loving, supportive, fun, sweet, adventurous, and always makes me laugh. Anyway, back to the dinner he made, I ate most of my food and I thank him a lot of times for making the most delicious dinner.

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