Boiled Crabs & Veggies

Last night we went home about 30 minutes before 9:00 pm and I was really hungry but I have been craving with the crabs that I bought last week so I cooked rice, boiled some crabs and veggies. I love rice and so I sometimes I can’t eat my meal without rice you know. The crabs was awesome and the veggies as well. And also I made sardines with tomatoes in it, I love it, anyway that dinner was great and we both enjoy it.

I am hoping that tonight we can have some deer meat, oh how I love deer meat. They are yummy, it makes me hungry just thinking about it. There are few recipes that I am trying to make but I can only cook one at a time tho, I miss eating Filipino food. Anyway, enough of food talking because I think I am making you all hungry. Thanks for stopping by here in my blog.

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