Bitter Melon Recipe

Last night I made bitter melon with left over chicken. I have not eaten bitter melon in a long time. I had it a while back I think it was 2004 it but since then I have had any of it. I had a hard time finding it too since I can only get bitter melon in Asian store. I did not even see it in some Chinese store that I’ve been. Anyway, one of my friend here gave me few bitter melon and I was so happy because I love bitter melon (only if I squeeze the juice out of it as much as I can).

So last night I made it for dinner bitter melon with chicken and it was yummy. I put butter in it, one green tomatoes, one red tomatoes, two small bitter melon, one small onions, and left over chicken. I did not know how it will turn out really but at the end everything turns great and I love it. To make it taste great sprinkle spices that you like, pepper and salt and then you are set to go. I will try it again one day. Take care and you all have a great day.

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