Cheese Cake

The other night I made my first New York cheese cake. I have been wanting to make one for a long time but I wasn’t sure if it will taste good you know. So finally the other night I tried it and it took me a lot of hours to make it because I have to put aside the cream cheese until it’s soft or room temperature you know. Then while doing that I made my crust which is fun, then after making my crust. I put it in my 9 inches Pyrex and put it inside the freezer for couple of hours.

Then while waiting for everything I made dinner as well, dinner that we can take to work you know. Anyway, after the cream cheese was soft enough to beat, I started mixing all the ingredients but one at a time tho that way they get mix very well. And to make my story short, I bake the cheese cake for about 75 minutes and it turns out very delicious and even myself was amazed, because I made it from scratch and everything turns out to be wonderful you know. That’s all for now and I hope that you all have a great day.

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