I don’t know, I think it’s just because you are blind and can’t see what is going on around? That’s the one question that most people asked when someone make the worst decision in their life. They thought they are doing the right thing but end-up it was just a mess and worst that what they expected. They’d rather hurt someone end-up the relationship and jump to the other relationship without knowing that he/she is making the big mistake of his/her life. When they regret it’s too late already, I guess someone you have to follow what you heart says, not what your mind, or what you see or hear.

Sometimes what we really see is different that what they have in their heart. They said they will do this or that but in their heart they’re saying I will ruin your life as long as I can, just so you won’t be happy and your life will be miserable like mine. The statement is simple, if the person lied to you all the time and done it for a long time I don’t think you can just give you trust easily, and believed what he/she said to you. In my language they called it (Gugmang nag oros oros)….

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