Everything Went Well

I had my interview today and it was wonderful, the assistant manager told me as well as the other applicant that was interviewed too. Yeah it was a group interview which is first time for me. I don’t know if they will hire me but if they will it’s great. Anyway, while after my interview I walk around the mall just to look for some sales, yet I found a lot but I didn’t but any because I know I don’t need anymore clothes. However, I do need shoes, found some shoes today but they are not comfy. I had a great day today and I love it.

One thought on “Everything Went Well

  1. The thought of group interview scared me so much before but I kinda like it basta lang dili ikaw ang nag-una. Anaon man gud na nila if daghan kaayo ang applicant and then they only need a few. Good luck to you Dae pero if dili then I am sure there will be some other job somewhere.

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