Yummy Huh, It Sure Was

This is what I cooked last night for dinner. For the Filipina or Filipino they know what this is and most people loves it. Monggos with chicken and spinach. Yummy huh, I made this last week too and Steve loves’ it. At first I didn’t know if he will like it though but when he saw me eating it with rice and plus he can smell it. He asked me what am I eating and I just told him is some Filipino dish and he asked me if he can have some. I am glad he is not picky when it comes to food you know. That’s all for now and you all have a great time.

One thought on “Yummy Huh, It Sure Was

  1. Thanks dai Anna…Hapit na gyud ni mogawas pila nalang ka weeks… ambot when gyud pero basta healthy lang siya oi ok ra bisan kanus a hehehe….

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