My Big Gifts For Her

About three weeks ago me and my husband went to one of the Flea Market about 45 minutes away from our house. I was expecting to see some goodies because I want to buy it and give to my family for Christmas. But my main reason is to get something for Lexi, because usually there’s a lot of things that you can find in the Flea Market. When we arrived at the Flea Market we looked around for some toys that Lexi might love to have.

We saw a nice Hannah Montana concert stage and it was for $20. I tried to get a nice deal to it but the lady really wants $20. So I just said I will come because I have to looked around first. As we walked around I told James and I am getting hungry. We bought something to eat and when I sat on the chair I looked at on my right side and saw a nice porcelain doll. When it comes to Doll I have a very big fun to it, I told James I will be right back.

I looked at the doll and oh my gosh it’s beautiful. They have pink which is perfect for Lexi. I asked the Lady how much is the doll and she said it’s $25.00. I called James so I can show him the doll. I told him I will buy this for Lexi, he just said go ahead it’s a great deal. I paid the lady and I just felt so excited in my heart and can’t wait to see the reaction of Lexi once she sees the doll. So this Christmas that’s gonna be my big Christmas present for her. That’s all for now and you all have a great time.

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