Trusting People Is Not Easy

Sometimes trusting people is just hard to do especially if the person you want to trust broke your trust once. I don’t know why but I am a kind of person that once someone broke my heart and trust I just can’t trust again no matter how nice she/he is. I just find it impossible for me to trust again. Although I will still smile and nice to the person but deep in my heart there’s no trust left.

I asked myself over and over again why can’t I just try. But each time I make and effort to trust the person I just remember what happen in the past. I was like this even when I was still in the Philippines, sometimes my mom and dad would just say to forget what they did to me and just go on. It’s very easy to say but it sure hard to do it. I wish there’s another way to just erase all the pain but there’s none. Even my husband told me to just forget it and be happy. Well I am very happy but when it comes to trusting someone I don’t think it’s that easy.

So anyway, trusting someone for me is not that easy and simple. And you can’t blame me if my belief and idea is like this. That’s all for now and thanks for reading my post. See you again next time.

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