Tulips Model Of The Day

Wahhh I’m just joking… This was taken the other since all the Tulips came out already and it’s looks really pretty. It was really beautiful the day this picture was taken, the weather was perfect is sure warm.

On this picture though my knees looks big hahahhaha. That’s because it was closer to the camera, hahahha that’s what they said if your sit down make sure that your feet or knees is far from the camera or else it will look bigger.

I love the way I look at this picture because I look relax and comfy with my pose hehehhehehhe. It’s just like sitting down and someone just snap picture on me. I think my color blend very well with the things that surround me on this picture hahhahahahha.

That’s all for now, and thanks for always stopping by here in my blog. I really do appreciate it so much, have a pleasant week ahead everyone. Take care for now.

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