Blogging Makes Me Happy

Well honestly blogging to me has been my great hobby, sometimes I just spend to much time working on my blog. Blogging is a place where I find a lot of online friends, friends that I could not find here in my place. I got hooked doing blog, because it’s a way to express my feeling on what I feel, and share my thoughts as well as my daily rountine in my life. Blogging did a lot of things on me because first of all, thru blogging I didn’t think that I could earn some money. Then working on my blog without going out is just of a kind.

Blogging makes me happy all the time, because reading and writing what I feel is a fun thing to do for me atleast. Yeah it’s my other way of killing my time, this might sound crazy but without my computer for even 5 minutes it drives me crazy. Oh yeah, I just love to do updates on my blog a lot and share some fun stuff. Thru blogging I’ve learned so much by reading what other people had writen on their blog. Not just that I also accomplished one thing since I started blogging. So that’s the reason why blogging makes me happy, it’s a place where I can speak freely, share my thoughts, ideas, and meet new friends.

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