I Got So Annoyed

Won’t you be annoyed too if someone ask you question then you gave the answer, and then ask you another question but still you will give same answer as you give to the first question. I don’t know why but there’s some people that just can’t understand right away or not willing to try and take the risk without asking someone. I know I asked question to other people but then if they give me the answer it will give me an idea on what to do next and whatsoever. I just don’t like to be ask different questions but end-up with same answer. I think that just the most annoying thing of all, and some will ask you the questions but in return will just forget you completely when they’re about to join the blogging. Hmmm I think I have enough of being nice and share how and when… Anyway, just want to vent what I feel everyone, I am just kinda out of my mood right now hehehehe.. Take care.

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