What Do You Think of Your Friends?

What You Really Think Of Your Friends

Steve is your soulmate.

You truly love Roselyn.

You consider Remilyn your true friend.

You know that Christine is always thinking of you.

You’ll remember Garf for the rest of your life.

You secretly think Melody is creative, charming, and a bit too dramatic at times.

You secretly think that Elaine is colorful, impulsive, and a total risk taker.

You secretly think that Gina is loyal and trustworthy to you. And that Gina changes lovers faster than underwear.

You secretly think Jill is shy and nonconfrontational. And that Jill has a hidden internet romance.

Above is the result about what do I think about my friends. Those the people which I think my friend, although one of them I already lost contact for almost 3 years now. Her husband doens’t like me because of my relegion because as he said his relegion is the one that is right other than any other relegion in the world. It’s sad but she have to follow since it’s her husband already. Anyway, this meme is really nice and fun and love it. Feel free to grab this everyone.

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