Weird People

Gosh there’s a lot of weird of people out there hehehehhehe. I have been going to starbucks this past few days and each time I see this man I just get mad because I think he is doing some scam. What he does is barrow other people’s cell phone and call someone which I think he is calling his computer. I feel bad because I can’t do anything about it, each time he barrow phone I’m always there and same words I will hear each time he call. He once tried to barrow my cell phone but I said no and to leave me alone because he followed be around. He pissed me off because even though you are inside the car he will knock just to barrow your phone. There’s some fishy going on about this man but I am hoping that soon someone will caught this man if he is doing some scam. If he can’t afford the monthly charge for the phone, then why now try to buy the prepaid phone. Anyway, that’s all for now take care and good night.

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