Photo Hunter #1 – Me With Glass Of Vegetables Juice

This looks funny but I am sharing this because I can’t find anymore glass hehehehhehehe. A friend took this picture while I was drinking my glass of vegetables. Yeah it’s our daily routine, well not daily but only if we remember sometimes. Vegetables juice really help me a lot, it get rid of the pimples that I used to have and I feel healthy. Anyway, excuse me for this picture, I thought it’s fun ehheheheh. Take care everyone.
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11 thoughts on “Photo Hunter #1 – Me With Glass Of Vegetables Juice

  1. I don't think you will like the taste for the first time Leah because it's kinda wierd, It's not nasty it's good because its a little bit sweet because of the apple and the carrots…

    I do eat mine sometimes too Mar hehehehheheh. I prefer eating them than juicing but sometimes I have to make vegetables juice hehehhehe…

    LOL… Pat at first it was really kinda wierd taste, but after drinking it for a week I get use to it already… Thanks for the coments.

  2. Oh wow, I am intrigued. Can you email me what veges recipe you might be following!?!? I am very intrigued… let me know how much and how often? And do you blend it? do you have a juicer?
    My email is in my profile….msabine{at}

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