Finally Had My Hair Trim

The other day I finally went to this salon which I like and did my hair. I was bit scary though because I don’t know what others think about my hair. With my experienced some of them cut my hair too much even though I only said half inch or one inch. They think I won’t noticed it but I sure do, because it’s my hair. And when it comes to my hair I’m so careful to that and I always pay attention what others do to it. I think that was Friday or Thursday I did my trim, and it turns out really nice. I needed it since it’s been awhile since the last time my hair had a trim. Until here everyone, thanks for stopping by and you all have a great time.

One thought on “Finally Had My Hair Trim

  1. I thank for the visit and your good reasons! Very good your blog, with pleasant and informative posts. Reading current post, I realise that the hair, you causes big stress, and one or two inches is problem! The beauty has finally price!

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