My Color Today

Here’s some simple fun meme that I found today, about what is your color today. For me I feel like I’m green right now, because I just feel relaxing right now while watching tv hehhhehehe. And was in the mood for some typing, yet I don’t have a lot of things to do, but I find some things to keep me busy ahhahahahha. Take care everyone and have fun.

PURPLE- feeling a little lonely.

WHITE -having problems.

GREEN- just relaxing.

YELLOW- addicted to candy.

PINK- feeling so happy.

GRAY- having a boring time.

BLACK- craving for chocolate.

AQUA- hyper hyper.

ORANGE- not in love.

SKY BLUE-calm.

RED- happy because the person you love
loves you back.

GRAY- you like someone.

SILVER- thinking of someone.

MAGENTA- heart broken.

BROWN- the person you like
doesn’t like you.

PEACH- your not bored. you got a lot
of fun activities to do.

GOLD- saving money for this vacation.

CHOCOLATE- your really in love and you
cant stop thinking about the person
you love.

HOT PINK- you feel hot.

BLUE- you like someone but you
don’t know how that someone feels about

after looking for the color that you
feel, repost the color saying”my
color is Green

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