Her Life Is Lonely

….without knowing about my life…. This woman I knew online is funny because ever since I chatted with her on cb. She has been nothing but almost like a journalist about my life. It’s almost like a woman that can’t lived without minding other’s life. Yeah I don’t know why her attitude it being like that but I think it’s because of the terrible life she have here in US. Well my life wasn’t the lucky but I don’t investigate people and mind their business. If they tell me what their life is that’s fine if not it’s fine too. Today I was on cb and this woman was online too, and it soo funny because me and the other online girls was talking about shopping and so on.

And I know that for a minute she will react about it, and yes ended she did. She said “How can you go shopping cat if you ain’t working” I just replied “It’s not your problem, it’s my life”. As what she said, she’s just curious…hmmm really? why is that huh? Just because I’m online all the time? Well I said some words to her nicely, but I’m sure she can sense the anger to it. I can say it nicely with a taste of anger or a message telling to leave me alone. So now what I do is just make her find out everything, she really feel terrible and upset I bet because I don’t share her nothing and I don’t have to brag on what I do because it’s my personal life. Anyway, just want to share some fun that I got today. Remember don’t be so curious about other’s people life, we are in America.

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