How’s Everyone Doing?

Hi everyone….How’s everyone doing this Easter? I hope everyone fine and you all are having fun with your family and friends. For us here we are great and healthy as always. Tenessa make this delicious food and just love it, she’s a great cook too. We didn’t do much today really because it’s kind of day where you just want to get lazy.

Today here in Ann Arbor it’s beautiful, even though there’s snow on the ground but they’re melting now. So it’s a good thing because we don’t need anymore snow. We have enough already but yet they can’t stop coming hehehehehhe. Blessing from heaven huh hahhahahhahahha. Anyway, I included one picture of me and kelly here which was taken at the chinese place where we had our lunch before going to the movie.

We love playing with my camera and when the camera is with us we always take pictures. Yeah Kelly and Me is realy good at it. Anyway, that’s all for now and hope that you all have a great time. Thanks for visiting my blog and you all have a wonderful night.

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