I Don’t Know Why But It’s Happening

I got to the point say he love me or like me I find it very hard to believed. It’s because this happen to me a lot, I heard the same words and when I heard it, it always reminds me with the past relationship that I had before. It’s bad to compare but sometimes it’s hard not too, and it’s not just me but I’m sure other people too. There’s a lot of ups and downs, hurtache, and pain that hard to forget. But then when we found the real one we often ask to ourself is this is it, or if this is another game that you have to experience. Honesty and being true to yourself is very important. Being honest might hurt someone but alteast you are being honest. Don’t pretend just be real and that makes the world happy. We all looking for real love but other aren’t, they just want to play and won’t care if they hurt other people’s feeling. I learned that being honest can bring you the joy that you want in life. Anyway, it just my opinion and that just the way I am.

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