High School Classmate

I’ve been chatting with my high school classmate Sharon for about 5 months now if I remember it correctly. It makes me happy chatting with her because I never thought that I would ever chat with my classmate or even have a communication with them since it’s been awhile since I graduated in high school. I think I graduated the year 1999 not really sure but just a guess, I’m not good on remembering sorry. But I have been asking here if she still have contacts with some of our classmates and how many are married and not. I was doing my investigation just because I was curious you know. She told me that some are married already and there’s few that was left so which means maybe just 3 or 4 single. Anyway, hope that one day I’d be able to meet htem all again. Well not all because I think they’re busy with their own life but atleast some of them.

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