Friday Meme Part1

If the show has part 1 and 2 so is the meme, hahahahaha this is my meme for this day Friday. I was just looking for something to do and found this on friendster and thought I’d share it here with you all. Take care everyone and have a wonderful day,

1. So, what’s the full name on your
birth certificate?
`Anna Marie Taroja

2. When was the last time you were
told “I love you”, & from who?
`Just awhile ago from Dave

3. Suppose you see your (ex)
boy/girlfriend kissing another person,
what would you do?
`I don’t really care…let them be happy hehehhehhe

4. Is your phone within a meter radius
of you?

5. Look at your recent calls, who was
your last call from?

6. What is bothering you right now?
`just some problem

7. What are you gonna do about it?
(above question.)
`there’s nothing I can really do…

8. Was New Years enjoyable?
`oh yeah it was fantastic

9. I’ll bet you miss someone right
`yes my family

10. What was your last text recieved?
`Greetings from friends.

11. Did you respond?

12. What is your favorite color(s)?
`red and lavender

13. Is there a high chance of you
going out to the movies soon?

14. How smart do you think you are?
`not really smart

15. Can you surf?
`I wish

16. Are you easily scared by
horror/thriller films?
`Yes I am

17. If you were given $100, would you
spend it, or save it?
`Spend and save some hahahhahha

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