Friday Meme Part 2

Here’s the part two of my meme for this Friday. Got this from friendster again, which the only site that I go all the time for some great meme. I think this is very nice and I love it…Feel free to grabbed it everyone.

18. If there was a large spider in the
room, would you stay?
`What do you think?

20. Last place you went out to eat?
`Chinese buffet

21. Where are you right now?
`sitting infront the computer

22. What are you listening to right
`The song of the pussycats dolls – Stick With You

23. In the winter would you rather
wear a jacket or hoodie?
`It depends on how cold it is.

24. Do you have any enemies?
`Yes, but it ain’t my loss, so I don’t worry about it.

25. What are you doing?
`Answering this meme what else.

26. What does your tenth text say?

28. Ever kissed a blonde haired, blue
eyed person?

29. When was the last time you were
truely happy?
`Last month….

30. Do you think long distance
relationships are ever really worth it?
`of course.

31. What are you thinking about right
`why people are unfair

32. When is the last time you made
someone else cry?
`Last year

33. What last made you sad?

34. Would you be able to date someone
who had a kid with someone else?
`maybe not sure yet

35. Where did you last sleep other
than your house?
`my friend’s house

36. What are you doing tomorrow?
`Tomorrow just blogging.

37. What are you doing tonight?

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