Few More Days And…..

…it’s going to be my birthday, whew what an exciting huh. Yeah I’ll be soon sweet 16 hahahhahahha. Just kidding, I’ll be soon over my age right now… I’m sure some of you knew my age. Well some of my friends know my age, one thing is I am in my 20’s now hehehhehehh. I’ve been in the age so so long now and it’s just getting old each year hahahhahhaha. Each time my birthday comes it makes me think what would be my surprised that day. Because last year it was an amazing surprised, which was my car accident hahahhaha. It my unforgettable moment of my life and even now it’s still hunting me, yeah I could never forget that day where I spent half day being in the hospital hehehhehe. That’s all for now and you all have a great time.

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