Seven Yes………..

Hi everyone it’s another beautiful day here again. Another question is here to be ask, which I answer already and now I would like to pass this along to all my fellah bloggers. I got this from friendster, but since it was too long. I decided to cut it short, yeah I thought it was a waste of space to do all of it. Hhehehheheh, I just enjoy this kind of meme and hope you do too. Alright take care everyone and thanks for stopping by always here in my blog.

1. have you ever dated someone twice?

2. have you ever been cheated on?

3. have you ever kissed someone &
regreted it?:

4. have you ever fallen in love?

5. have you ever lost someone?:
`yes but for a reason

6. have you ever been depressed?
`yes, too much problem hehehhehe

7. have you ever been drunk and threw
`yes twice actually if I can remember it correctly

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