It’s Wednesday Already????

Wow!!! Looks like this month is running so fast for me. I mean sometimes I may count the day but that’s because my birthday is coming up too hehehhehehe. It’s still a month far but it’s nice to count the day while it still a month away. This month is another birthday celebration for our family, but I don’t think everyone will have fun since it’s 4 days after my uncle will be buried. It would be odd you know, I know my grandparents and my familys members will still in pain and so am I.

But with me I am trying to pretend I’m strong to them, so they won’t worry too much about me being so far away from them. Anyway, 3 more days to go and my uncle will get buried. It’s sad that I can’t see him even for the last time, but I asked my sister to let my parents barrow the camera so they take a pictures. That way I can see my uncle on his funeral, I know I’m going to miss him, however I am glad that I have his recent pictures together with my family during their visit on his parents. That’s all for now and take care.

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