What A Month For Our Family!!!

Few more days and it’s going to be Valentine’s Day. I am sure everyone is excited huh, I know this month is so special to all of us. And for my family too because it’s my sister & dad’s birthday. But this month also is a sad month for my entire family. That would be on my mother’s side. However, we all trying to be strong even though it hurts to bad in our heart. I don’t really want to talk about it much because it only makes me cry. I feel bad because I can’t do anything or can even see it. But I already sent them money for all the expenses, and for all the things that they might need.

This past few days I’ve been feeling bad since I know what happen back home. To tell you all the trust I just lost my uncle about three days ago. His died because of “Urom” I really don’t know what it called in English but I tried to explain it to my fiance and he said he knows what I’m talking about but can’t think of the name. I was so sad when I got the new about my uncle’s death. My sister texted me early in the morning there in the Philippines, that they need help because my uncle is dead. Until now I have a hard beleiving that his dead but I have to admit that life is just like that. Anyway, until here now, can’t write more this is pain for me. However, I have to work here just encase they need something.. Take care everyone and have a wonderful time.

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  1. Oissst sorry to hear about your uncle’s death. BTW and urom is dili na tinu-ud uy…cguro lang may heart defects to moha uncle na wala namatikdi or naa other reason sa yaha pagkamatay, mahibal-an na basta ipa autopsy. But can’t cause death man jud, its not true. But may he rest in peace!

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