Someone Was Knocking On Our Door

Since I read it from Janine’s blog about this man and when someone open it the guy was killed. Just awhile ago someone was knocking on our door and it was a loud knock. It is just scared me to death cause I wasn’t expecting anybody at all, well other than Dave to be home but he will be home later this afternoon. Luckily the blinds are close however I can still see the shoes of the person. There are two people outside our door but I didn’t open it all. I just stood next to the blind where the curtain it and just watch them as they leave. Right away I went to our bedroom and look who are they. Saw them and I think they are those people that from other religion. It just startle me, because I was doing my blog and suddenly someone was knocking so loud like it was an amergency. I wonder if they think before they do it, they probably have no idea that they sometime scared people. Anyway, I was just frightened and I know I will get over it. Take care everyone.

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